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Latest Episode - Le Tour Prologue Highlights

Tonight at 7.30pm on Fox Sports 3/3HD

Tune in to see a best of this year's Tour de France as well as some great bits from this first series of Subaru Le Tour Prologue.

We'll also be announcing the winner of the Subaru Win a Trip to the World Champs competition!

Today's Guests

French Cycling Terms

  • Grand tour

    “big tour”, any one of the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia or Vuelta Espana races. The three biggest tours each year. Each one being three weeks long

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Subaru Win a Trip to the World Champs

Program Highlights

  • Play Video Open-uri20130722-18430-1lzc7kz

    Stage 19

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 1/1HD

  • Play Video Open-uri20130720-18430-1nnfige

    Stage 18

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 1/1HD

  • Play Video Open-uri20130720-18430-n68g2b

    Stage 17

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 1/1HD

  • Play Video Open-uri20130719-23932-9rbjbn

    Stage 16

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports

  • Play Video Open-uri20130711-23932-jdr4zs

    Stage 15

    Sunday 14th July at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 1/1HD

  • Play Video Open-uri20130715-23932-3c42km

    Stage 14

    Saturday 13th July at 6.30pm on Fox Sports 3/3HD

  • Play Video Open-uri20130715-23932-877wi7

    Stage 13

    Friday 12th July at 6.30pm on Fox Sports 2/2HD

  • Play Video Open-uri20130715-23932-n79gvf

    Stage 12

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 1/1HD

    Ed, Bridie and Nick are joined by Robert Crowe, a two-time Olympian and sports physiotherapist Ross Smith. They also look to stage 12 of the Tour with Chris Froome three minutes in front with the yellow jersey

  • Play Video Open-uri20130711-23932-1r0tah0

    Stage 11

    Tonight we have the first of the individual time trials, AVranches to Mont-Saint-Michael.


    Joining the LTP panel are ex-footballer Jason Dunstall and Melbourne Rebels rugby player Caderyn Neville

  • Play Video Open-uri20130711-22169-1c0c6dt

    Stage 10

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 2/2HD

    After the first rest day, the Tour is back on for stage 10; Saint-Gildas-des-Bois to Saint-Malo. Tonight, Ed, Nick and Bridie speak to sports doctor Andrew Garnham and Jason Bakker, director of Signature Sport who represent Cadel Evans

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    Stage 9

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 3/3HD

    It's the last stage before the first rest day of the Tour and tonight we're joined by journalist Hamish Fitzsimmons and soigneur for Huon-Genesys, Greg Nunn

  • Play Video Open-uri20130709-22169-1tjgswr

    Stage 8

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 1/1HD

    Stage 7 was won by Peter Sagan, but OGE's Daryl Impey holds onto the yellow jersey for another day. Stage 8 is Castres to Ax-3-Domaines, the first finish at altitude for the 2013 Tour.

    Joing the LTP panel tonight are Pat Shaw, race captain for Huon-Genesys Cycling team in Australia and Michael Drapac, owner of Drapac Pro Cycling.

  • Play Video Open-uri20130709-22169-g1ka56

    Stage 7

    Tonight at 9pm on Fox Sports 2/2HD

    As Orica GreenEDGE holds onto the yellow jersey through Daryl Impey's efforts, we look to stage 7 of the Tour.

    Joining the LTP panel tonight are Judith Arndt, rider for GreenEDGE-AIS and former AFL footballer Michael Roberts. We also have an exclusive interview with John Trevorrow

  • Play Video Open-uri20130706-17880-1748jm7

    Stage 6

    Tonight at 9pm on Fox Sports 2/2HD

    The LTP panel are joined by Steve Ward, close friend and Simon Gerran's old sports teacher as well as Lisa Jacobs, a road cyclist for the Victorian Institute of Sport.

    We also hear from Andy White who has worked as a bike courier the world over and now runs fyxomatosis

  • Play Video Open-uri20130704-9297-1wrisg1

    Stage 5

    Tonight at 9pm on Fox Sports 2/2HD

    What a night for Australian cycling! Orica GreenEDGE win the time trial and our own Simon Gerrons snatches the yellow jersey.

    Tonight, we look to stage 5 and see if Simon can hold onto the yellow jersey for another day. We're also joined by former superbike champion, now sprint cyclist Shannon Johnson and young cyclist Peta Mullens

  • Play Video Open-uri20130704-9297-77gxk5

    Stage 4

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 2/2HD

    It's a night for celebration as one of our very own, Simon Gerrans from Team Orica GreenEdge, won last night's stage of the Tour. We also have cycling nerd Shane Miller in to talk about Strava and Adam Nicholson from Specialized to discuss the latest in cycling technology.

  • Play Video Open-uri20130704-9297-1j3x7r1

    Stage 3

    Tonight at 9.30pm on Fox Sports 2 and 2HD

    We go a little bit French... We have soigneur to stars Charlie Bottero telling us about life on tour and, while all this is going in France, the most prestigious women's tour is on in Italy, the Giro Rosa, and we're joined by former stage winner and girl about town, Rebecca Dicello (nee McConnell) and we cross to the current day Aussie pros over in Italy.  Throw in a very special treat from France and things really start heating up.

  • Play Video Open-uri20130702-25998-1uf45oy

    Stage 2

    Tonight at 9pm on Fox Sports 3 and 3HD

    We ask the big questions, how high is too high? For sox that is! Sports Dietitian, Alan McCubbin joins us in the studio to tell us just what these crazy tour riders do their bodies and George Donikian, brother-in-law of the late Amy Gillet, tells us what the sport and the tour means to him.  Add in more original content from on the ground in France and we're set for another rollicking hour to whet your appetite for the live action to follow.

  • Play Video Open-uri20130627-2641-bquaw2

    Stage 1

    Tonight, 9.30pm on Fox Sports 1/1HD

    Episode 1 kicks off with high hopes in Corsica and high quality guests in the studio... what about Olympic Silver medallist and sprint world champion, Shane Perkins and Olympic triathlete, Courtney Atkinson for starters!  What about a feature story on Australia's winningest Tour rider Robbie McEwen?  Then exclusive content from Orica GreenEDGE including a chat with Stage one fave Matt Goss.  What a way to make a debut... 


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